Twenty five years of producing and managing digital advertising content for newspapers, magazines, books, business directories and websites. Ten years of experience in managing special projects and technical solutions for the print and digital publishing platforms. Ten years of experience as Executive Assistant. Five years of experience in content modeling for social media.


project and workflow management, office administration (team/data/file management), content development (digital/print), digital marketing, ad trafficking, ad campaign management; production automation.


publishing (newspapers, books, magazines, business directories, websites), advertising, finance and investments, software and technology, education, import/export, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, news, media and journalism, real estate, digital marketing.



My experience as a project manager began more than twenty years ago when, for a period of ten years, I worked as page composition designer, editor and coordinator of special projects for a large weekly newspaper and an annual business directory. During that time I have coordinated the activities of multiple cross-functional and geographically-dispersed (USA, Canada, UK, Germany) teams and consultants assigned to the development of content management systems and new digital publishing platforms.

One such project was to reconfigure the transition from manual composition to a fully digital layout platform. This project was divided into two components and lasted for five years. During that time I managed the development of a fully electronic pagination system which used Quark XPress and Photoshop as the main hosting platforms. The project's objective was to import raw data from a number of unrelated databases into a custom-built relational database from where the reformatted information was later fed to both the pre-press pagination systemand the content management system used to deploy its content and the ads online simultaneously (see full project description and case study).

The second module of this project was to write a series of digital image processing routines that would instruct Photoshop to automatically import raw images, process them [as in adjust brightness/clarity, resample the images, crop them to the pre-specified dimensions of a grid, format them as both four high-res CMYK color JPG (for the printed newspaper) as well as their low res RGB JPG counterparts for the online version; the cycle will end with naming each photo and saving it in the appropriate sales person's/ad folder]. This is part of the project where I have also done most of the actual script development. I would like to stress the fact that other than selecting and initiating the right routine, there was no human intervention in the process. When completed and installed in the pagination room this fully digital image processing "mechanism" would prepare about 240 images an hour, per configured computer. Each computer had a different configuration which was dedicated to a specific ad type: classifieds, real estate, autos, display ads, etc.).



This section is, actually, a note of special interest. Due to my both technical, as well as business acumen, in almost all major career involvements, and in addition to specific position responsibilities, I also performed direct supporting roles to senior executives. Here are some of them:

2016 - 2017
Executive Assistant, Director of Operations and Transactions Coordinator, to a Real Estate Associate Broker
The Corcoran Group, New York, NY

2011 - 2016
Director of Digital Operations and Executive Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief & Publisher

Marbles & Marbles International, New York, NY
(TWELV Fashion Magazine)

Executive Assistant to the Publisher
Graphis Annuals, New York, NY

Project Manager / Assistant to the CEO
Ethis Communications, Inc., New York, NY

1987 - 1996
Assistant to the Head of Library's Technical Services

MacEwan University, Edmonton, Canada

Assistant to the Production Manager

Trader Media Publications, Edmonton, Canada

(RE: last two positions. Yes, for ten years I did have two full time jobs that I loved. So, I kept them both while working 70+ hours a week; that is, until I got married...)



MacEwan University/Grant MacEwan College, Edmonton, AB, Canada (1987-1996)

As one of the first North American College to offer a dedicated computer graphics program, as well as being one of the best Business, Public Relations and Journalism schools in Canada, Grant MacEwan College was my employer for a period of ten years. In my roles of computer assistant and faculty support staff, during that time I covered the operations of a number of academic departments among which were the library and learning resources center as well as the reference, research, computer, internet and information services. For a period of four years I had the privilege to teach computer graphics courses for the outreach program and administer/supervise exams in one of the first (anywhere) computer managed learning labs. Before my ten year term contracts with the college, while employed as a part time student, I also produced the college's international computer technologies magazine (TAC) which was one of the first publications anywhere that was entirely composed electronically and, at the time was being distributed in sixteen countries. Sorry, there was no commercial access to the internet and no PDFs at that time, so we had to actually mail it everywhere... However, I still have some of its amazing (and I, guess) historical-value hard copies.



This section is not about any one single project. It's about what I do when working on, pretty much, all projects.

Content Modeling is a strategic combination of art and science. Content modeling is the ability to present your content, or your business message in an elegant, strategic, and machine-readable format.

Elegant - the content has to be presented to your audience, to those who consume, or absorb your message, in an elegant, pleasant visual format. Your specific mission is to attract, impress and convert your audience into loyal followers, buyers or clients. And, the first impression your content makes is always a visual one and, more often than not... crucial.

Strategic - because your content has to comply with, reflect your overall business goals, its strategy, its proposed sales target, as well as the long term proposal to achieve and sustain a high level of performance.

Machine-readable - because, ultimately, the content you create along with its attached, or imbedded intended purpose (i.e., editorial substance, ad performance, etc.) are executed by machines (computers), ad management systems, etc. that interpret your instructions as a marketer (i.e. content optimization) in order to achieve a proposed performance such as conversion rates, social media popularity, etc.


SOCIAL MEDIA; pointers

Building a business presence on social media is a demanding and intensive endeavor. So, before branding your business there, try to understand these pointers.


PUBLISHING; fashion magazine, books; print/digital

TWELVmag.com is a made in New York City fashion, culture and lifestyles magazine which (in 2011) I helped to create and launch together with styling and editorial talents formerly nurtured at Condé Nast, Vogue Italia and Paris Vogue.

For almost seven years, as Director of Digital Operations and Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, I was involved in every aspect of the magazine's print and digital production, publishing, marketing and distribution cycles, as well as its online advertising strategies and content modeling for its social media channels. My contribution here these days is to monitor its digital publishing accounts (hosting platforms, email servers, domain names & registrations, etc.), and some of the creation and deployment of its HTML email campaigns and monthly


While this is not the only magazine I worked on, it is the one I love the most.


Stephanie's Home Beauty Salon is a book which I researched, co-authored, edited, designed and first published in Canada in 1996, then its revised, second edition in the USA in 2008. It's a book on self improvement - in essence, a collection of recipes on how to make your own anti aging creams from organic products.

I don't have time to manage this book anymore but, at its (sales) pick, it bacame known as "the little book that everyone wants"). The book is still available so, if this is your thing, you may want to check it out. You can get it in both print and digital formats for all you reading devices from Amazon.com (paperback/Kindle) Apple/iTunes (iPhone/iPad), Barnes & Noble (digital), as well as from over 4,000 independent online book stores (you will find it when you search for it by its title, or by my name).

Just as with magazines, this is not the only book I produced, but it is the one closest to my .


REAL ESTATE; digital

The Corcoran Group, New York, NY. As a Transaction Coordinator and Director of Operations, I was responsible for coordinating the in-house operations of one of its top associate brokers specializing in the luxury and investment properties in New York City. With an additional office in London, and someone who belongs to the elite top 1% producers in the world, this broker has also entrusted me with coordinating the entire deal lifecycles (from pre-listing to closing) of their residential, commercial and investment portfolios. While here, I created the broker's first digital library containing every document required for a full-cycle transaction; (have also edited outdate contract templates, etc.; managed the website's upgrade to a responsive grid and laid out the broker's social media landscape and online marketing campaigns; created a new, more efficient office workflow by introducing new software and by organizing daily routines by scope, resources and priorities.

Still here, on a daily basis I would: repare and coordinate the broker's exclusive, agency and referral agreements; requests for commissions and deal sheets; conduct in-depth buyer and investor; manage buyer/seller/investor offers, contracts and flow of communications; attend meetings with other brokers, attorneys and clients; perform property searches; oversee all special projects targeting new business development; create real estate listings on Corcoran's intranet and monitor their content integrity and publishing schedules on its participating aggregator websites such as Corcoran.com, NYTimes.com, StreetEasy.com, Trulia.com, etc.; manage the team's website, blog and social media postings; design collateral advertising and marketing materials including and print materials; schedule and manage the activities of, and payments to external contractors: article and blog writers, photographers, designers, architects, programmers, and junior agents.

Private-Listings.com (Vancouver, Canada) was one of Pacific Webcard Directory's parallel digital ad service dedicated to the by owner (FSBO) real estate market. Its revenues ware generated entirely by display ad space which was sold to brokers, agents, lending and mortgage processors, private consultants, insurance companies, legal services as well as to private listings covering BC, Washington and Oregon. In addition to being involved constatntly in client relations, here I also managed the sales of online advertising, as well as ad pricing and placement (based on content, location, demographics and other specific pageviews metrics. At the time, this was a very popular and profitable operation as well as every broker's love-to-hate dream.


BUSINESS STRENGTHS; special skills

Extensive experience coordinating the work flow of cross-functional teams (even if geographically dispersed) that are involved in simultaneous projects and complex environments.

Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of professional groups and personality types and to motivate the people I work, or interact with.

Possess an analytical mind and a passion to use data to create and guide strategy.

Ability to break down complex information and synthesize it in clear presentation formats.

Skillful at understanding customers' business goals and interpreting them into advertising features.

Advanced layout, design and photography skills and working knowledge of MS Office Suite, Adobe's (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop), QuarkXPress; project management (37Signals Suite/Basecamp). Ability to hand code HTML/CSS.

Proficient in writing business materials and in creating compelling advertising content:

  • business presentations, reports, research papers
  • advertising and marketing copy
  • legal documentation: contracts, terms of service, copyrights
  • web content writing, social media posts, SEO implementations
  • editorials and content modeling
Proficient with Google Suite of products (Sheets, Docs, Drive, Slides, Gmail, Calendar, etc., etc.) and its ad and publishing services (Analytics, AdWords, AdSense, Google Books, etc.).

Perform well under pressure and in high-pulse, deadline-driven environments. Skillful at creating control within workplace chaos :)

Research, reporting and negotiation skills.


ADVERTISING; digital ad sales

Pacific Webcard was an online publisher and digital ad service which modeled raw business data into advertising content for online deployment. It also published its own business directory, a paid-for ad service. This was a business which I created, financed and managed for eleven years (1999-2010) before moving to New York City. Its directory was the launching platform for its clients' online ad campaigns. It was a paid-for ad service offering twelve business categories (pharmaceuticals, finances and investments, real estate, technology, etc.).

The master templates for the ads were developedin many formats from hybrid Illustrator/Photoshop files to animated GIFbanners, flash and, in some cases just straight HTML/JAVA scripts. Photographyand photo illustrations were used at every step. The nature of the ads were:sponsor, private, syndicated, content targeted Google AdSense as well as somehouse and experimental ad fillers. The supported ad types were, basicaly, all that the technology at the time permitted: classifieds, display (landscape, box, tower, banners), static,video, flash, animated GIFs, webcards - a rolodex-like ad card attached as (an optional popup abstract to an already existing ad; usually, text ad). During its "prime-time" operational mode, Pacific Webcard Directory offered a full digital ad service for businesses falling within its categories, as well as a highly-targeted real estate private listings ad service which covered British Columbia, Washington State and Oregon.

As Salesforce, Operative.One, DoubleClick For Publishers or any of today's CRM and/or programmatic platforms did not yet exist at that time, all client management relations and digital ad planning operations were scheduled and managed using Excel spreadsheets from where the data were reformatted and inserted in the directory's CMS for live publishing. (This process was, in fact, an operating standard procedure for the publishing industry at the time.)

The result of all the web marketing efforts produced a strong internet footprint for the directory which, in return, created a profitable, fully-sustained operation.



In 2012-2013 I had the opportunity to work as a project manager at Ethis Communications Inc., a wonderful, Wall Street-based, highly specialized advertising agency: EthisInc.com

Ethis Communications is an advertising agency which researches, creates and publishes clinical content exclusively for biotech and pharmaceutical companies such as Baush & Lomb, Essilor America, NicOx, Vistakon (Johnson+Johnson) and Alcon, among others. Ethis also hosts webinars and deploys medical-specific advertisements for rich media and digital channels.

The projects objectives were exclusively to support the launching of new drugs, pharmaceutical products and specialized medical equipment. My main responsibility there was to manage the projects workflow between writers, editors, designers and outside contractors who, among other materials, produced medical print supplements, white papers, research reports, interactive case studies, multi-point ad messaging campaigns, industry-specific magazines as well as webinars and rich media and video advertisements for online dissemination. As part of this I also helped develop and test the Medikly's SaaS platform, a web-based conference space which was being built in order to help marketers better understand physicians' behavior and preferences through a"Preference Discovery Engine," which identifies patterns of behavior,relationships and qualities across multiple touch points. The data was recorded live during physicians' web conferences, extracted, formatted and packaged as research and marketing content.


Still in the pharmaceutical industry, this time in Vancouver, Canada, and just before moving to New York, I worked on contract basis as project manager for Bellini Laboratories, Dermamed and Biotech Pharmaceuticals. These are/were companies specializing primarily in skin care and anti-aging products. My specific mission there was to ensemble and coordinate the activities of a team of internet marketing experts along with managing the online ad campaigns and related budgets: Google AdWords and Analytics. The exact target sales for the five year project was in excess of $10M/yr. While there, I was also in charge with art directing the design of the online ads, mini websites, technical books and trade show materials. In parallel to the above, and still working on contract basis, for a period of two years, I have developed a spectrum of micro websites (same template, nine different languages) and managed the e-commerce operations and marketing campaigns for Naor Skincare Inc. This was a pharmaceutical company with business headquarters in Vancouver and production laboratories in New York. My involvements with the above two companies stopped in 2010 when I moved to New York City.



My involvement in the e-commerce operations space spans over twenty years, a time frame during which I both helped in the develepment of online stores and managed online sales. some of the industries I brought my experience to were fashion and lifestyle, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, retail, real estate, law, finance business consulting, publishing/self-publishing.

My first e-commerce assignments were done at CANCoach Systems and Nortia Technologies in Vancouver, Canada where, and in addition to being involved in both the development and operations of their online stores, I was also directly involved in the creation of teaching software offered to schools and sports coaches in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia (golf, basketball, soccer, etc.)

Following that, I worked with large clients in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries: Bellini Laboratories, Dermamed and Biotech Pharmaceuticals of Vancouver, Canada. These are/were companies specializing primarily in skin care and anti-aging products. Another client was Naor Skincare Inc., a Korean-based pharmaceutical company with business headquarters in Vancouver and production laboratories in New York. All these companies employed large e-commerce operations so, in those relations, my specific responsibilities were to ensemble and manage the companies' internet marketing teams, to coordinate the website development processes, monitor web analytics, and report the performances of all digital ad campaigns and online sales.

More recently, between 2014-2017 I managed the e-commerce operations of Hides-In-Shape, a luxury and lifestyle accessories, a retail icon and Madison Avenue fixture for forty years (now closed after the owner had retired).

In addition to my roles as a web marketing, advertising copywriter and assistant to one of the store's inventory managers, I managed the entire cycle of the business' e-commerce operations: the company's websites and eBay/Amazon stores for which I provided order fulfillment, customer support (working extensively with USPS, UPS and FedEx) and fraud prevention (working with AMEX, VISA, MC). As part of that, I also maintained the store's blog and its social media presence, while making use of Google AdWords and Analytics for web promotions and performance metrics.

The websites were hosted on PointShop Enterprise and BigCommerce and required extensive Excel, AgileMail, ConstantContact and Photoshop work as well as heavy HTML hand coding (email and newsletter templates, online advertisements). In support of the e-commerce operations I also managed the store's blog, social media and Google Analytics/AdWords accounts.



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As a last note I would like to mention the fact that, regardless of their nature, and in addition to managing the project teams, scopes, budgets and deadlines, I also participated in every project with my technical, writing/editorial skills and artistic talent. All these are projects that helped me all along to create and manage every piece of content I have worked on. I am familiar with SalesForce, DoubleClick For Publishers, versed in managing large, complex spread sheets. I have also worked extensively and directly with advertising accounts and clients. I am versed with Google's Analytics and AdWords platforms including terms/practices/usage of CPM, Unique Visitors, Page Views, Impressions, etc. Please refer to my resume and cover letter for more on this.