Before getting into the technical stuff I would like to say that I consider myself extremely fortunate for the opportunity to work with, and learn from some of the best there are in this industry. And I mean, here in New York City.

I also want to make it very clear that my decision to join the world of real estate was solely based on my interest in continuing to work in creating and managing advertising content - the real estate industry is a huge producer of ad content. I also love creating and managing client relations.

While my first involvement in the real estate industry was between 2003 and 2008, when I created and published an industry-specific online advertising service, my current professional real estate license (New York Real Estate Institute, 2015) is the result of my need to fully understand the industry's transactional laws, the government regulations, and the advertising landscape as they all apply - in particular - to New York City, as well as being licensed is required by most brokers in order to become part of and work within the operations of a real estate agency (in particular, if processing transactions is part of what one does. I do.)


Once armed with a license and the 'technical' knowledge of how things work (well, at least as much they teach you in school to get you started) I joined the industry and, since 2016 I have been part of the operations top-producing brokers as Transactions Coordinator, Client Relations, Marketing Manager (print/digital) and Listings Manager. All details are on this page.




reSOUCE (Halstead)



BROWN HARRIS STEVENS, 445 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022

As Marketing, Public Relations and Listing Manager, currently I support a team of three brokers and ten real estate agents by creating and coordinating the flow of contractual documentation and marketing & advertising materials. Far to getting anywhere close to everything that I do to support the operations of this team, some of my current responsibilities are as follows:

  • Design industry-specific advertisements and create, deploy and manage print and digital paid ad campaigns (Google/Facebook).

  • Manage a database of nearly 30,000 clients which I use as a master resource for creating segmented, targeted marketing mailing lists.

  • Insert and manage listings in agencies' databases and report on the ads status on syndicated publishing platforms (NYTimes.com, Wall Street Journal, OLR, etc.)

  • Fill out contracts and manage their flow between brokers, agencies and clients.

  • Manage all communication channels between brokers and their associates: attorneys, investors, managing agencies; create and submit weekly client reports.

  • Update broker profiles and ads on agency websites and social media accounts.

  • Manage special-interest projects such as promoting the broker's presences at art galleries in New York, New Jersey and Washington D.C.; occasionally, I create marketing materials for the brokers' international luxury residential portfolios in New York City, London, South France and Spain).

CORCORAN GROUP, 660 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065

My decision to join The Corcoran Group, was entirely based on my interest in capitalizing on my previous experience operating a special real estate advertising niche. However, the position I accepted offered implied incentives beyond my direct interest so, shortly after joining the company, I found myself running the inhouse operations of one of the brokerage's top associate brokers specializing in the luxury and investment properties in New York City. With (supposly) an additional office in London, and someone who belongs to the elite top 1% producers in the world, this broker has also entrusted me with coordinating the entire deal life-cycles of their residential, commercial and investment portfolios.

While there the nature of workload was of high intensity and involvement, a fact which gave me the opportunity to learn and execute deal routines that most real estate professionals would achieve in probably close to two years. During that time I processed listings and contracts valued at $20M+ (verifiable). In addition to creating and processing all the legal and industry documentation required for the full-cycle of each transaction, I managed all communication channels with the broker's associates: attorneys, buyers, seller, investors, other brokers, property management companies and building owners. I also wrote copy, inserted and maintained listings in databases, managed the broker's calendar, team's junior real estate agents' schedules, did buyer searches, created broker/buyer itineraries and coordinated with vendors: payroll processor, cleaning services and outsourced photographers/staging studios.

To be specific, my daily/weekly expressed responsibilities there were to:

  • Conduct market research, in depth buyer searches and compile comp reports for property listings (active, under contract and sold withing the last 6-12-18 months).

  • Compiled Comparative Market Reports which were inserted in pitch packages submitted to buyers.

  • Prepare presentation packages which included Corcoran's inhouse presentation, the exclusive, agency and (where applicable) non-disclosure agreements.

  • Prepare and submit to proper departments, broker, attorneys, et. referral agreements (working w/ the relocation department), requests for commissions, contracts and deal sheets.

  • Contact building owners and property management agencies in order to obtain offering plans and all other documentation required to support a transactioneets.

  • Creat and insert new listings in Corcoran's internal database (Vesta) which also deploys them to their online affiliated aggregators: StreetEasy.com, The New York Times, Corcoran.com, etc., etc.

  • It was also Vesta from where I booked and managed all team's open houses. (the "on-call" requests and private showings was something I attended myself, practically on daily basis).

  • Manage all broker's communication channels with all their associates: attorneys, buyers, seller, investors, other brokers, property management companies and building owners.

  • Perform investor searches on Corcoran's TAXI, PropertyShark.com, Loopnet.com, CoStar.com, CompStack (search services for commercial listings.

  • Oversee all special projects targeting new business development (mailny digital).

  • Create client custom reports by researching and extracting specific information from offering plans and other specialized industry-specific documentation.

  • Design collateral advertising and marketing materials (show sheets, brochure, post cards, etc.) on Corcoran's XPress Docs, BrokerLoop.com (that in addition to Photoshop, PowerPoint, etc.)

  • Manage the broker's external vendor accounts: RiseMedia (photo staging/floor plan drawing), MyClean, BuyBizSel.com, BusinessBroker.net and all digital properties.

  • Manage the team's website, blog and social media postings.

  • Schedule and manage the activities of, and payments to external contractors: article and blog writers, photographers, designers, architects, programmers, and junior agents.

  • Managed the broker's calendar, itineraries and the team's junior real estate agents' schedules.

HALSTEAD REAL ESTATE, 770 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10065

My involvement at Halstead was purely a design project where my main responsibility was to create and manage the print and digital marketing campaigns for one of their top rental market producers. With nearly twenty years in the business, this broker is a recipient of the Producers Council Highest Volume of Transactions Award, and a well respected member of the Certified Senior Relocation Agent Gold Circle.

My involvement with this broker was influenced by the oportunity to become part of, and bring my contrubution to their aggressive proposal to grow the business in a challenging market. On their part, they were looking, in particular, for the expertise in business rebranding. In addition, while the broker had a sustained rental activity at 'street level', their presence in the digital space was - virtually - invisible. This was another factor that caught my interest in working at Halstead. During this project, some of the explicit business re-branding points I proposed were to:

  • Re-position their team in the marketplace by clarifying their new brand's image and mandate.

  • Redefine and manage their spheres of influence and clients' databases.

  • Write and implemented the monthly marketing plans and ad campaigns' objectives.

  • Manage the creation, schedules and deployment of weekly/monthly marketing materials.

  • Manage their listings on their companies' internal platforms and OLR.

  • Manage the digital ad campaigns on the team's personal websites, social media accounts, and the affiliated partner networks.

  • Introduce reasearch, tracking/analytics and reporting processes for the performance of all advertising (ask me how this one went).

  • Redefine their team's office operations and listings' workflow. Specifically, I wrote a procedural manual for the team (an explicit "how to" guide of instructions on inserting and processing listings, transactions, requests for commissions, best practices on communicating and following up with clients, how to develop and maintain the client database, write engaging emails, build community forums, etc.

  • Streamline the production of advertising materials, organize and - where possible - automate the routines on creating and deploying marketing materials.



During the eight months of my involvement in the (Corcoran) broker's operations, I processed listings/contracts valued at over $20M.

That was possible, in part, because the biggest contribution I brought to the broker's business was the fact that I managed to transfer a remarkable workload from their desk to mine. In turn, that permitted the broker to fully concentrate on growing the business, rather than spend most of the time performing routine tasks.

My second most important contribution there was by putting to work my research and analytical skills, which I developed while working in advertising. They allowed me to do detailed market research and analysis which were then embedded in personalized reports and sales presentation packages and brochures (.PDFs) that we submitted to buyers and investors as soon as they approched us with inquieries. Invariably, these packages proved to be invaluable materials that facilitated the sales.

Eight months later, just before my leaving that operation, the broker's active portfolio has more than doubled, with the number of both active listings, as well as that of the closed contracts, continued to grow at a steady pace.


While working for both brokers, my work performance was evaluated with a high degree of appreciation equally by the brokers themselves, their teams, the agencies' managing directors and by all the wonderful support staff and agents in these office.

References. This is a page hidden from search engines and you are here because I sent you the link, which means, you have my contact info. I do have, both personal and professional, impeccable references. So, if you would like to see them, please let me know.


To begin with, my temporary involvements with the first two brokers focused specificaly on solving some of their operational and performance issues; lack of visibility in the digital space was one of them. Later, the scope of my work there shifted to functions totally detached from my initial interests and proposed project mandates. So I moved on and engaged in bigger, more interesting projects.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this page, I have not always worked in real estate. In fact, before this, I spent more than twenty five years in the publishing and advertising industries. If you want to learn more about my past professional career, go to this page.


Download my résumé here.