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America One Unsecured In need of a small business loan or a personal loan? Our loan programs are available for use throughout America.

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Go To Top Go To Top The largest B2B eMarketplace on the Net.

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Franchise For Sale provides only the best franchise opportunities in an easy to use format.

Franchise Online Small business resources and listings of some of the best franchises across the country, like the Global Ventures prepaid services.

Global VC Network Equity financing for the start-up and established business. Venture Capital, loans, mortgages, factoring. Hard money loans for the start up and established business.

Go To Top Go To Top The most reliable and up-to-date source of unbiased mutual fund information for Canadians.

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Home Equity Loans and Low Rate Mortgages Save Online! Send us a note and ask for details.

Go To Top Go To Top The leading online guide to investing. Picked by Barrons as one of the best financial websites on the internet. Offering daily commentaries from some of Wall Street's best known analysts and traders, a wide and constantly updated variety of daily stock picks, charts, market analysis & commentary. Free portfolio tracker, emailed news alerts, financial daily newsletter, message boards, intra-day technical charting, quotes and indices.

Investing Web Guide - Great Resources and links on Investing.

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Lewis Consultancy Consultant for property buying, selling, insurance, tax planning, investment & all co-operative housing society matter.

Loans is your free resource for professional & easy-to-use financial analysis tools. We specialize in offering downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet templates. To date, thousands of home buyers, financial analysts, and real estate developers have downloaded our spreadsheets.

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Manhattan Brokers Find the best brokers in Manhattan.

Mexico Business Alliance investment consulting firm Mexico Business Alliance, is a Consulting Business Firm, formed by a group of outstanding professionals, having long experience in a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial, legal and financial activities, in order to provide foreign individuals and firms with a wide range of business services, tailored to Mexico's social, economic, legal, tax, and business cultures.

Moneyseeker UK Money seeker, a network marketing and MLM Company help uk residents to get business opportunity and develop significant full time income through, mlm lead & resources. which is your mlm success towards network marketing business.

Mortgage Insurance is an insurance provided by the mortgage company. This site will give you an expert advice on all your queries related to mortgage insurance.

Mortgage Loan specializes in providing mortgage loans, home equity loans and home mortgage refinancing.

MultiMediaHouse, Inc. Florida Insurance Directory A Specialized Search Engine and Directory about Insurance Related Sites.

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New York Brokers Find the best brokers in New York City.

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Online Legal Advice UK We offer free online legal advice to UK individuals. Our company is run by qualified solicitors and regulated by the law society.

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Penny Stocks Guide Get started investing in penny stocks by knowing the facts.

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Real Property Manhattan New York City real estate; find the best brokers, agents, lawyers and property owners to help you buy, sell, rent, or lease in Manhattan; residential, commercial.

Restaurant Franchise offers many different food franchises all in one location. Choose from various food franchisesfast food franchise, deli franchise, soup sandwich franchise, and more!

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Wendover Corporation provides office relocation sales leads. We identify companies in every US and UK markets of offices that will be planning a local offic move locally. Wendover captures this information 3 to 6 months before these offices relocate their current office space. Shaun L. McKay As Executive Dean and CEO of Suffolk’s Grant Campus, Dr. Shaun L. McKay represented the county’s western areas before becoming its president. McKay worked as Director of Planning for the Community College of Baltimore County and Morgan State University for eight years before joining Suffolk. Rusty (Robert) Tweed is a philanthropist with a background in economics and finance. Giving back to the community where he began and beyond is what propels him ahead to vital success. Mr Tweed regards as an industry pioneer with a career spanning over a quarter-century. From house loan guidance to bad credit loans, Robert thoroughly understands and assists customers in making sound financial decisions.

Mr Rusty Tweed is well recognised by his industry colleagues while renowned as an accomplished professional who has received national recognition regularly for his considerable skills in providing customers with financial planning and investment guidance. A long-time resident of the Greater Los Angeles Area, he is also well-known for his expertise in estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, marketing strategy, investment properties, and asset management, to mention a few.

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Avoid Court: Business Partnership Agreement Software from Standard Legal

A successful advertising campaign is always the result of a shared effort. So, when you engage your business in a new campaign, you also play an active part in it. Here's what we all do:

1. Set an advertising budget.
2. Describe your services and/or products.
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Short answer: TO KEEP YOUR MONEY!

Long answer:
You can look at this from three angles...

First off, why pay others to do something that you can do yourself, in the first place? When was it last that you actually rewarded yourself for doing something? The money you save by selling the house yourself is an invaluable financial resource that you can use to pay some debts, perhaps invest in a new property, supplement your retirement plan, take care of your health, help your kids with their college. Or, you can reward yourself with a much deserved and long overdue vacation or, you could buy and enjoy, one or more of a thousand other things that you always wanted, but there was NEVER enough money. Now, you have the opportunity to change that. Basically, this is what the for-sale-by-owner is all about.

Secondly, look at things this way: does a realtor really know more about your house than you do? Why could he/she sell it better, or faster than you could? After all, you have been living there and know all about it! It is you, the owner(s), that the buyer/s would love to talk to, anyway. You are the best seller for your house!

Lastly, and without getting into any rocket-science math, let us put a new perspective on all this. Selling your property yourself is the equivalent of working for yourself for around $200/hour. (Well, if we are a bit off here, would it make you feel any worse if you're working for, say, $175.36/hr?) Yes, the pay rate does depend of both the value of your home and your effort. And yes, again, don't kid yourselves; this process does require you to commit to a certain amount of time and effort; an effort that in the end pays you well. Very well!

About the FSBO process
(pronounced FIZZ-boh)

Selling a property by owner does not, in any way, change any given real estate market conditions. The by owner practice only transfers the buying/selling process, and its consequential earning(s), from a realtor to the home owner him/herself.

So, just as where realtors are involved, and of course due to a number of market forces, here too you will deal with properties that sell within a few days from listing (see the ad stats on our listings), and also with those that take longer to sell. And, when yours does, give yourself ALL the credit... and keep ALL YOUR MONEY too!


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