Directory Business Listings

Texual ad listings displayed in alphabetical order in content-relevant categories and sub-classes. These ads are published indefinitely for a small, one-time fee, and look like this:

Security Services and Surveillance Systems Security Guards Bodyguards CCTV DVR systems; Private Investigators; VIP Executive Security.

Business Listings + Webcards / Enhance your directory listing with a webcard!

A webcard, or an e-rolodex card, is an additional, personalized, stand-alone ad which is attached to a business listing in order to enhance its online performance. By adding a webcard to a listing, the information belonging to that business is published on two separate web pages. Thus, a listing + a webcard provides two inbound links to its website increasing the ad's chances to be found and seen beyond the digital boundaries of this directory. As illustrated below, a business listing contains a direct link to the advertiser's website and one to the webcard which is accessed (as a pop-up) by clicking on a marked link placed at the end of the ad description. The associated webcard also contains contact info, as well as direct links to the website. Webcards are free-of-charge, offered only with paid directory listings and cannot be combined with any other ad promotions. Here's what a directory listing with a webcard looks like:

Padronius Business Directory is an online advertising service offered to consultants, contractors and small business enterprises. webcard webcard

Bridge Ads

Bridge ads are large display ads which "occupy" the "travelling space" between two pages. That is, when one clicks on a link in order to go to a certain page, before they arrive there they first see a "bridge ad". Here, they can stop, look, go back, or continue on to their destination (similar to crossing an actual bridge). Usually, bridge ads are displayed only for a short period of time (10 seconds or less), and they can also be skipped altogether. Bridge ads placements are not restricted to the directory's pages. They can be published throughout this website. In order to best maximize the bridge ads' performance, their placements are well planned based on both content relevancy and site traffic patterns. A demo bridge ad is provided through the next link. For its purpose, your starting and destination pages are the same - the page you are on now. Click here to see how bridge ads work.

Directory Enhanced Exposure Ads

These are large display ads (300 pixels wide X at least 300 pixels tall) placed throughout the directory's sub-classes as specified (see the 'Infinity Income Systems' ad at right). Due to content relevancy considerations, typically, we suggest that these ads are posted in only four sub-classes of the directory at a time. However, if requested, they can be included in other categories. There are sixteen directory sub-classes available to these type of ads. These ads are called 'enhanced' for three reasons:
  1. Their visual presentation is enhanced by a large format with boxed content.
  2. Being placed at the right hand side of the directory pages, they are highly visible.
  3. While their content is primarily textual, a logo and an image (which you provide) are accepted.
Directory Display Ads (see the 'Standard Legal' ad at right)

In general terms, these ads are somewhat similar to the directory enhanced ads, except...
  1. They are always published (stacked) above the directory enhanced ads.
  2. While their width is restricted (by the advertising grid) to 300pix, their height can vary (within limits).
  3. Their content can include text, images, logos, animations, audio and video files.
  4. They can be published on hi-traffic pages outside the directory (based on content relevancy).
Marquee Ads

Large, highly visible display ads published at the center top spot of each directory class and sub-class. This makes them extremely visible and efficient, plus they...
  1. Never rotate positions with other ads.
  2. Are never published close to a competitor's ad, or an ad that contains similar content.
  3. Own their chosen 'marquee' spots exclusively and continuously for the entire period of the publishing contract.
See a marquee ad position for 'HotesCombined.com' here »

Online Business Profiles

Are fully-functional business web pages which we host and maintain temporarily or indefinitely, as needed. They can contain any type of content, including shopping carts. Usually, business profile pages act as online presence alternatives to websites that are either under development (or review), require additional traffic, or only contain enough content to fulfill one specific task.

The business profile pages are offered packaged with a number of web supporting services such as ongoing content management and a limited number of web marketing features. Being closely tied in the directory's overall operations, routinely, the business profiles far exceed the performance of web sites operated by average small business! See a business profile here »

Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Ads

These ads are similar in format to the directory enhanced ads (300pix X 300pix, boxed textual content +logo) but are only published in the home business section of Padronius.com


All Directory Business Listings and their corresponding webcards can be submitted and paid for online.
Directory enhanced ads, marquees, bridge ads, display ads, business profiles and home business ads (soho)
   need to be discussed between us and you, the advertiser, before publishing. Here's why:
  1. All these ads require customized content and design. Yes, you do have the option to submit your own ad designs as long as they follow our ad specs. No, you will not save on advertising fees (if you did so) because our ad design services are free when you advertise in this directory.

  2. In order to maximize the ads performance, the exact publishing positions (which are subject to availability) need to be discussed with the advertiser.

  3. The cost for each of these ads is calculated based on (i) the guaranteed pageview rate, (ii) the number of booked positions, and (iii) the length of the chosen advertising period (3, 6, 12 and 24 months).

  4. Bridge ads, in particular, require both technical and strategic planning when placed because their placement positions are directly related to, and determined based on a combination of page views and site traffic patterns. Since these ad positions are extracted from web metrics spreadsheets (based on advertisers' target specifications), they cannot be offered beforehand, or online.
If you are interested in advertising in our directory with any of these ad types, please contact us »


Document Preparation Services from Standard Legal

Save thousands of dollars in agent commissions when you sell your home on your own without the expenses of a real estate agent! Standard Legal's For Sale By Owner Home Sale software allows anyone to quickly and easily create the legal documents necessary to sell a home and close the deal. In addition to marketing and sales strategies, this software package contains:

• Residential Property Disclosure Form.
• Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form.
• The EPA's Lead Based Paint Hazards Booklet.
• Warranty Deeds (formatted by marital status).
• Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement.
• Seller's "Offer to Purchase" Form & Buyer's
  "Counter Offer" Form.

BONUS: FLAT-FEE MLS listing service »

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