No business can survive without some sort of advertising. The ad campaigns are the fuel that keeps any business operating and growing.

No matter how complex (or complicated), and no matter how decorated with charts and spreadsheets business and marketing plans are, the substance of them all always boils down to this formula:

no ads=no customers

no customers=no sales

no sales=no business...


Since 1998, we have been helping new start-ups and home-based businesses to get their operations online and use the internet as a profitable sales and marketing tool. If you too, are starting a business we can help!



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Is this the time you moved on and started your own businesses? If it is, we can help you take those crucial first steps.


Just because you put it online, a website does not feel a sense of obligation to make you money. So, if your web operations are not making the kind of money you thought they would, now it's a good time you changed that!

Before the internet and websites, in order to advertise themselves, businesses had to buy expensive newsprint ads, radio and TV commercials. No, we are not talking about the times when hunters were painting caves; we are still talking about the modern age here...

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If you are looking for a consultant, or an independent contractor to help you with your project Send us a Request For Proposal and we will post it on this website. Free-of-charge!

The bottom line...


You have a website no one knows about. We can change that. Take a look in our toolbox below, see what's in there...

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Business and Internet Consulting

Starting and operating a small/home business »

Today, self-employment is a North American economic reality. It is estimated that by the end of this decade, 20% of the Canadian work-force will be self-employed, while in the United States the figure will exceed 45 million!

If starting your business is your next move, then let us teach you how to start on the right foot by putting to work the very same professional skills you've been selling to employers for years. To learn more about why some choose this professional path, go to this page »
Business writing and intellectual property »

We'll tech you how to write...

• business and marketing plans
• contracts
• proposals
• requests for proposals (RFP)
• business letters and newsletters
• press and news releases

And about...

• how to protect your business and your work
• rights you have to the work that you create
• what work falls under intellectual property
• copyrights and how important they are
• legal and tax obligations
• possible business liabilities
Doing business on the internet »

Learn about...

• general internet business rules and regulations
• how to present your business on the internet
• how to protect your business in cyberspace
Advertising a business online »

We teach you how to write ad copy for your business and show you where you can promote your operation over the internet regardless of your ad budget. Plus, when you work with us, your listings and display ads in our own business directory are free.

Web Marketing and Advertising Consulting

Write internet marketing plans »

Writing and implementing internet marketing plans is totally different than planning promotional strategies for any other medium. Internet is not television. Your ads don't come to your customers; it's the other way around - the customers have to find you.
Teach fundamentals of online ad strategy »

There are some ten billion webpages on the internet now. Have you ever wondered... how, does anyone even know that you too are there and have something to offer? Yes, everybody is listed in Google; and this is the problem, because Google is under no obligation to put you at the very top of the search results - even if you pay for your ads.

Still, and even when your targeted audience does find your website, what exactly is it that makes them buy from (or donate to) you and not from/to any other of the fifty thousand businesses that are listed there and offer the exact service or product as you do?

When doing business online, a lower price alone "don't" necessarily cut it. And, definitely, not the fact that you might have a better looking website than your competitors'... So, of all in that crowd, how do you stand out? What's the strategy?
Develop ad and web content »

Everything that is included in a website (images, text, video, links, etc,) can be used to support an online advertising and marketing effort. That is, when reformatted and packaged correctly for this purpose.
Do site analysis and campaign feasibility studies »

Your website is not making you money; your advertising campaigns are not providing any returns on your investment. Have you wondered why?

A web site analysis review is a comprehensive assessment during which, among other web metrics of interest of special interest, we evaluate your website's architecture, web design, code management, load-up time, search engine positioning and other. Our findings are compiled in a recommendations report which suggests the course of action you should follow in order to improve your website's performance.
Do Search Engine Optimization »

You already know what this is. Still, if you don't, the bottom line is this...

Web designers, programmers and IT professionals are good at what they do; this is why they do what they do. Yet, any business expects their website to fulfill an economic purpose. Exactly, what we are talking about here is the fact that any business expects their website to generate money. In the 80's and 90's everyone wanted a website because someone else had one. Not today.

Just because you put it online, a website does not feel a sense of obligation to make you money. If all websites were fully optimized for marketing purposes at the time that they were originally built (whether that was in the 80's, or two years ago), today no business would require SEO services or web strategists for their online operations.
Write/embed search definitions in e-content »

Search Definitions are hidden, industry class-based, theme-defined content environments that we build and embed in the structure of web sites in order to realize the most valuable asset of web presences: traffic and pageviews.

Reference Pointers are recommendation reports for under-performing web presences. Among other items, in order to provide you with further clarifications, the recommendations will include pointers to web references that deal in detail with the identified issues. They also provide you with close looks at other companies that do what you do, and why they are successful online.
Create and manage online ad campaigns »

Each online ad campaign we do is custom-crafted and based on that client's particular needs.

Ideally, when we commit to a new account, we would like to create and build an online ad campaign from scratch. We do this in two stages: first we create a new, custom ad strategy plan by studying and optimizing the existing content of the website; then, based on all the ad elements (and search definitions) that we've created and put in the right places, we will run a full-blown advertising program.

However, where required, we will take over the management of existing ad campaigns which we remodel and manage in order to enhance their performances and ensure the highest possible return on investment.
Manage Google and other online accounts »

Are you one of the businesses that, for one reason or another, inherited a multitude of messed-up online accounts such as Google's Adwords, AdSense and Analytics? Other? We can help!
Process and report ad and web metrics data »

When we manage your online advertising campaigns we provide you with detailed monthly reports on the performance of the money you invested.

Among other things, these reports will tell you how many people are visiting your website, which of the services or products that you provide they are most interested in, how many of them made an online purchase, which are the most visited pages of your website.

In fact, before you even read any such reports, you will be able to judge the return on your investment by the amount of business that comes in, and/or number of orders that you receive.

Web and Graphic Design Services

Logos and corporate branding »

• company and personal logos
• business cards, letterheads and envelopes
• postcards and posters
• custom designs
see our portfolio »
Corporate communications materials »

• html newsletters and e-mail signatures
• webcards and online display ads
• online professional and business profiles
• promotional street cards
CD/DVD labels, jewel cases and inserts
• targeted display ads (print/online)
• street billboards
see our portfolio »
Websites and web-based advertisements »

A website is what tells the market that a business exists and has something to offer - a product, a service, or both. Today, virtually, no business operates without a website. see our portfolio »

Web Services and Technical Support

Website upgrades and maintenance »

Need a new webmaster to maintain your website? If you are not happy with the performance of your site, or if you feel that you are paying too much money to have it managed, then perhaps it's time to change that. If so, click here and send us your web address (URL). We will review your website and send you a proposal to manage it.

Or, if you are ready to move your online experience to the next level, or want to upgrade your existing website in order to keep up with up-to-date web technologies and marketing trends, let us know »

Web accounts maintenance »

We provide administrative and management services for

• domain name registrations and
   URL account maintenance
• advertising, partner and affiliate programs
Content troubleshooting, tech support »

• web hosting and web space setup
• FTP, CMS, E-mail account setup, maintenance
• web applications (forms, ordering systems, etc.)