About PADRONIUS Directory

PADRONIUS Directory is the online advertising service of PADRONIUS. This directory prides itself as a quality business reference directory. In respect to our visitors and all listed advertisers, and in order to preserve the quality and purpose of this service, we reserve the right to reject submissions that are in conflict with our directory ethics.

Unacceptable Content

PADRONIUS Directory does not accept listings of sites with content that is, or appears to be, pornographic or obscene, ambiguous, suspicious, offensive, provocative, hateful, discriminatory, defamatory or irrelevant to the purpose of this service (as a quality web reference) and whether that content is explicit or implied. We will not accept submissions of materials related to pyramid schemes, mlm, network-marketing, "branchising", club memberships, listings of any business opportunities which require up front or periodic payments or recruitment of other members or sub-distributors/agents. We will not list submissions that deal with inside information, proprietary and confidential information or infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or intellectual property of any party. In order to continue to maintain a high-quality service, by submitting your business listing to the Pacific Webcard Directory, you grant us permission to send you occasional information about our new features and services.

Offending Content

Web sites change their content (or owners) all the time. Some, quite radically. All submissions to the directory are processed by a human editor who can, at his/her own discretion reject your entry. The editor may, or may not, conduct searches over the internet using words and/or phrases contained in your listing's description. While this is not our only resource for this purpose, this is one way in which we make a substantial effort in order to combat copyrights infringements.

PADRONIUS Directory IS NEITHER RESPONSIBLE, NOR LIABLE for the content and/or authenticity of information that third partied submit for inclusion in its pages. If you find in this directory material that you consider copyrighted and have been reproduced without permission, PLEASE contact us immediately.

Links to Third Parties

Obviously, PADRONIUS Directory contains links to web sites owned by third parties. These links are provided as an enhancement to this service, and to you as a convenience. Their inclusion in our website does not imply in any way, shape or manner that PADRONIUS endorses or accepts any responsibility for the web sites that they point to, or the content that is made available there.

Since these sites are out of our control, Padronius does not endorse external sites, whether in content, performance of functionality. PADRONIUS will not accept responsibility, or liability, for the content and/or functionality of other web sites. PADRONIUS Directory does not endorse, in any, form these sites or their content, services and practices, or the businesses behind them. These links are provided here as references, for your convenience, and at no charge to access them.


Copyright Infringements, General

DO NOT COPY and/or REPRODUCE ANY CONTENT FOUND ON THIS WEBSITE! The content, graphics and HTML code of this Internet site are protected by Canadian and International Copyright Laws. Any unauthorized use of Padronius's content is expressly forbidden.

We are a web content management company - we are in the business of searching and researching the internet and online content. Should we find (and we WILL) - when concerns are presented to us - any content of Padronius copied or duplicated without our written permission, we will track you and follow up on all copyright infringements with the proper authorities. Yet...

If you'd like to make use of the information found on, you can only do so by linking to us while using the guidelines provided on this page. When/if you do so, let us know, and we'll also provide a link back from us to you.

Privacy Policy

PADRONIUS does not compile lists of personal or business information, nor do we sell, rent, make available, or share any information that we collect. Our privacy policy is meant to protect the information that you, the user, submit to us. It is also developed on, and meant to observe the principles of Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Learn all about our privacy policy.

Name Definitions

PADRONIUS, and are registered names. "WEBCARD" is a terminology widely used that can mean different things to different services or products. Our webcard format is described here.

Avoid Court: Business Partnership Agreement Software from Standard Legal

Please remember that, when you are visiting and making use of the information that you find here - you are, well, a visitor - and you agree to be bound by the rules of this domain which are spelled out throughout this page. Thank you.



As offered, and described, in our directory's listing submissions page e do host webcards. When that is the case, all webcards' content is published as provided and approved by advertisers. All interested advertisers are welcome and encouraged to make use of webcards as they are an effective business solution to the process of creating commercial activity.

However, where we feel appropriate, we do reserve the right to refuse webcard contracts, and inclusions in our directory, of sites whose content appears ambiguous, suspicious, offensive, provocative, discriminatory or irrelevant to this service's purpose, and whether their content is explicit or implied. If still, any questions, complaints or claims arise from or are related to specific materials carried by a webcard, they should be directed to the appropriate advertiser. Where this may be the case, if notified, we will remove those webcards and their links from our directory.

Notes on Doing Business Globally

There could be certain dangers in contacting unknown organizations. cautions you to make sure that you completely understand the potential risks before getting involved in any business ventures. You are solely responsible for adequate protection and to seek competent, business and legal advice before proceeding. Conducting business at international level may required to obtain certain visas, licenses or permits in order to hire or contract professionals, or to import, export or re-export certain services and/or products.